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Thrive Through Group Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

If you’d prefer to improve your mental health, happiness, and peace with others, Superior Health and Wellness is here to guide you. We facilitate group therapy in Jacksonville, FL where we cultivate belonging and trust among people. Each therapy session style is tailored to address a particular condition, such as stress, depression, and anxiety. We offer an accommodating, open environment where individuals can help each other grow, heal, and gain empowerment in their mental health journey.

Diversity, mental health and group therapy counseling support meeting

How Does Group Therapy Work?

Many people feel alone in their struggles with mental health, as if they are the only person feeling, thinking, or behaving the way they do. This can often make it difficult to open up about their struggles or seek help. Group therapy allows individuals to process their grief, depression, anxiety, or trauma with others who are experiencing similar mental health conditions. Our group therapy sessions are guided by our certified therapist and comprise several people with the same or similar experiences. It enables people to share openly in a comfortable environment and gain insight about their mental health through others’ perspectives.

Five Primary Benefits of Group Therapy

The benefits of group therapy include, but are not limited to:


Build relationships and connect with individuals who are experiencing similar mental health conditions as you.

Diverse Perspectives

Expand your perspective by hearing other people’s stories, thoughts, and feelings.

Helpful Advice

Learn about how others cope and work through their mental health and what strategies they use.


Receive positive reinforcement from your peers to boost your confidence in your growth and development.

Critical Insight

Discover blind spots in your thinking and feeling and aspects about yourself that you may not have realized were there.

Multiracial people applauding during support group psychotherapy

Explore Our Group Therapy Sessions

Our group therapy sessions include:

  • Girl Empowerment Group: We teach girls goal-setting and communication skills through activities and discussion.
  • Parenting Group: We show parents how to build strong relationships with their kids and self-care strategies to improve their mental health and well-being.
  • Skills Training Group: We build skills in managing stress, anxiety, high emotions, and complicated feelings.
  • Mindfulness Group: We facilitate meditation and mindfulness practices that help patients stay in the moment and at peace.
  • Depression: We help patients correct negative thought and feeling patterns to reduce depression.
  • Stress Reduction Group: We relieve stress by teaching relaxation techniques and stress-management practices.

Nurturing an Environment of Trust and Camaraderie

If you’ve considered group therapy but are still hesitant about attending, we encourage you to try it. Many of our attendees leave their sessions with new insight into their mental health and a better understanding of themselves. The sense of trust and companionship they develop with their peers enables them to speak about their mental health openly and honestly and enhances their ability to process challenging thoughts, feelings, and experiences. You’ll be able to improve your health and well-being while cultivating relationships.

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